Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Miami Police Officer Tried to Snap Bieber Jail Pic

A female Miami police officer is in trouble for trying to snap a picture of Justin Bieber in jail.

The Miami Beach PD is investigating its own ... after a female cop tried to take a pic of Justin Bieber behind bars ... TMZ has learned.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... while Justin was in jail last week in Miami Beach -- being processed for DUI and resisting arrest -- a patrol officer showed up and made her way to the area where Bieber was being held.
We're told the officer had no business being in the area ... and had no connection to the arrest.
Our sources say ... a Sgt. noticed her pulling out her cell phone, attempting to take a pic of Bieber. We're told the Sgt. jumped in front of the officer and blocked the shot.
The Sgt. ordered the officer out of the area and she left.
The Sgt. wrote the officer up for "conduct unbecoming an officer" -- which triggered an internal affairs investigation.
We're told her punishment could range from an admonition to termination.
Jacked from TMZ 

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Anonymous said...

These cops are super groupies and haters. I remember getting pulled over a few years ago and I was driving a luxury car at the time and the cop that pulled me over was bragging about how he pulled over Usher and Jeezy at different time. SMH, like what a loser and groupie, cops are truly lames.

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