Monday, February 3, 2014

Stepmom Says Kardashian Sisters Partied While Dad Took His Last Breath

Robert Kardashian's widow claims his daughters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe choose to go to a party rather than spend their father's last moments by his side.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian chose to attend a PARTY as their dead, famed lawyer Robert Kardashian, lived his final moments alive, his ex-wife has charged in an explosive court declaration.
The new paperwork, filed in a Los Angeles court and obtained exclusively by, alleged the reality stars were not by their father’s side when he “took his last breath” before dying of esophageal cancer on September 30, 2003 at the age of 59, only eight weeks after his diagnosis.
Ellen Pearson Kardashian, who married Robert just two months prior to his death, wrote: “The Kardashian children rarely visited Robert once he began cancer treatment… At the moment Robert took his last breath, none of his children were by his side, opting instead to attend a party at Kourtney’s home.”
It’s the latest and most damaging salvo in the feuding parties ongoing legal war after the E! stars called Ellen, a realtor, a “snake in the grass.”
The Kardashians are suing Ellen for $500,000 in damages, claiming she sold their belongings to a number of magazine publishers. In response, Ellen filed her own suit accusing her ex-step children of a litany of civil offenses, including defamation, intentionally inflicting emotional distress, a civil conspiracy to defame and the public disclosure of private facts.
Refuting their famed siblings claim that they did not enjoy a strong relationship with their step-mom, Ellen also attested that all of Robert Kardashian‘s four children “ accepted me as their step-mother.”
She even claimed the girls accepted diamond necklaces as gifts for being in her wedding to Robert!
Ellen also used the court papers to reveal that her own daughter, Aprill Lallo, was forced to move into her and Robert’s Encino, Calif., mansion to help administer treatment to Robert.
Jacked from Radar Online


Sunno said...

It's a wrap the Kardashians, no one is checking for them and I think the step mammy is geting paid to make up stories to keep them relevant.

Anonymous said...

Selfish whores.

nba is fixed said...

Classic example of a blood sacrifice!

Anonymous said...

Thats what happens, they should have just left Robert's widow Ellen alone. Its always the person not in the spotlight who is behind the scenes that sees, hears and knows the truth, they are the ones that have the real power. I hope Ellen keeps on exposing those demons!!

Anonymous said...

Witches sold their souls for fame. Rob defended OJ during Nicole Murphy ritual killings and he and Johnny paid the price. Kato stood by and did nothing and also made money off of her murder. All these people are sick

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