Monday, February 10, 2014

Tom Sizemore Backtracks on Liz Hurley Bill Clinton Affair Claims

Tom Sizemore says he was lying about Liz Hurley having an affair with Bill Clinton insisting his claims were merely drug addled rants.
Tom Sizemore now says he made up the story about Bill Clinton having an affair with Elizabeth Hurley, which nearly caught the Internet on fire Wednesday when it went public.
Tom Sizemore is a drug addict who shouldn't be believed. He even said so.
Sizemore told HuffPost Live on Wednesday the story was "not true" and blamed his ramblings detailing a yearlong affair between Hurley and Clinton on his past drug use.
Hurley denied the "ludicrously silly" allegations Wednesday on Twitter.
In a recording reportedly obtained by Radar, Sizemore said he arranged a secret meeting between the former president and his ex-girlfriend when he met the president at a 1998 screening of "Saving Private Ryan" at the White House. In the recording, Sizemore reportedly said the yearlong affair ended when Clinton said, "I don't do love and I'm beginning to think I might love you."
Sizemore admitted Wednesday he "was never at the White House" and has "never met Bill Clinton."
"I'm not denying that I said these things," he said. "I don't remember saying them, but it's an old videotape, and they're the rantings of a guy ... it's been well-chronicled that I had a very severe drug problem."
Radar reported the tape was made last month, while Sizemore says he's been sober since 2009. He said Wednesday he hasn't heard the tape but believes it's "very old."
Sizemore said his "perceptions were not the greatest" when he was on drugs. He also wanted "to apologize to (Hurley) for any hurt or BS I caused her or the Clintons or anybody else I may have mentioned."
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nba is fixed said...

In other words the Feds threatened to kill Sizemore if he didn't backtrack his story. I definitely believe Clinton fucked Liz Hurley. That chick used to be one of the biggest sluts in England. How do you think she became famous?

Anonymous said...

the only thing i remember liz hurley for is that black versace dress. oh, and she dated hugh whatshisface. but i couldn't name one of her movies, and idc enough to google or imdb.

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