Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Woody Allen Calls Child Abuse Claims Implanted Memories

Woody Allen's lawyer accuses Mia Farrow of planting sexual abuse memories in Dylan Farrow's head.
Woody Allen did not appear on the Tuesday, Feb. 4, edition of NBC's Today, but his lawyer Elkan Abramowitz showed up to speak on the filmmaker's behalf. Abramowitz addressed Dylan Farrow's recently renewed allegations that Mia Farrow's former partner sexually assaulted her as a child.
Allen's "reaction is one of overwhelming sadness because of what has happened to Dylan," Abramowitz said. "She was a pawn in a huge fight between him and Mia Farrow 20 years ago, and the idea that she was molested was implanted in her by her mother. And that memory is never going to go away. The fact that she says this now, that it happened 20 years ago, is totally understandable."
Co-anchor Savannah Guthrie then asked what "a lot of people" seem to be wondering about 28-year-old Dylan's open letter in The New York Times. "She's an adult now. Why would she lie? Why would she make up these allegations? Is she asking for anything from Woody Allen at this point?"
"My view is she's not lying. I think she truly believed this happened," Abramowitz said. "That's what the divisiveness is. When you implant a story in a fragile 7-year-old's mind, it stays there forever. It never goes away."
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His nasty ass implanted something else in her and he needs to be castrated. He should have kept his "implanted memories" theory to his damn self.

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