Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Charlie Sheen Two Months Behind on Child Support

Insiders reveal Charlie Sheen has been withholding child support from ex-wife Denise Richards for two months.

Charlie Sheen‘s porn star fiancĂ©e Brett Rossi has told the actor to drastically reduce his living expenses — and the big loser of her move is his ex-wife Denise Richards, who hasn’t been paid her child support in two months, a source with intimate knowledge of the situation told
The Anger Management star has withheld his $55,000 owing to Richards, the mother of his daughters Sam and Lola, for both February and March, the insider revealed.
Sheen, via his rep, insisted he had “paid child support to Denise. Your information is incorrect.” But the spokesperson was silent on whether the full $55,000 was paid for the two months at the center of the dispute.
And indeed, a second Sheen source confirmed he had not handed over checks that were due.
As Radar previously reported, a furious Sheen is hauling Richards to private mediation this week, in a hearing to be handled by a retired judge, to have his monthly child support drastically reduced.
The outspoken actor also wants mother-of-three Richards, 43, evicted from the house where she and her daughters had been living, as we previously revealed.
A source said: “Brett has taken control of Charlie’s finances and she thinks he wastes huge amounts of money. She successfully persuaded Charlie to withhold Denise’s child support… Charlie felt he was justified because Denise hasn’t allowed him to see their daughters, Sam and Lola.”
The troubled actor has been locked in a public battle with Richards since Christmas, when he hinted on social media that he would no longer pay Richards as much child support.
He hash-tagged one tweet, “#TooMuchChild$upport.”
“Brett is cleaning house in more ways than one,” said an insider.
“She’s been cracking down on the way Charlie frivolously spends his money and she’s also keen to get him healthy. Charlie’s not someone to usually be bossed around, but he’s so head over heels for Brett and respects her and knows that she just has his best interests at heart.
“Brett is watching every single dollar that comes in and out. She is obsessed with money. Anything that she perceives as being spent on anything but her is wasteful and wants to stop it.”
Jacked from Radar Online

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