Thursday, March 27, 2014

Katy Perry Dating Riff Raff

Katy Perry and rapper Riff Raff spotted out on a date.
Has Katy Perry moved on to Riff Raff? Looks like it!
The rapper apparently wooed the newly single singer with the "Holy Trinity" of dates: sushi, bowling and drinks. That Katy Perry is a lucky gal!
Clearly unable to contain his excitement from landing such a hot babe like Katy, Riff Raff posted a pic from the date on Instagram with the caption, "'ON A DATE WITH KATY PERRY SHE IS PURDY."
Despite happening just a few days prior, the "Dark Horse" singer commented on the 32-year-old's Insta, writing, "TBT to when I went on a date with Riff Raff aka @jodyhighroller."
We guess she's admitting to it!
The dark-haired beauty can be seen in a casual denim jacket, patterned dress and a number of studded bracelets, while Riff Raff sports a monochrome T-Shirt, baseball cap and shades for the evening.
Apparently the Raff is quite the smitten kitten when it comes to the sultry singer. When asked if they were going to go public, he told TMZ, "Who knows where things might go. Just got to see where things lead."
After being asked when he was likely to see her next, he said: 'When I get back, think she's in Belgium right now, so probably next week." He also added, "I'm just out here in Miami enjoying the weather and the beautiful view. But me and Katy Perry might go on a second date... round two."
Yeah in your dreams, Raff.
The news comes days after moving men were seen removing furniture from the "Friday Night" singer's home, leading many to believe her high-profile relationship with John Mayer is officially dunzo.
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Anonymous said...

I guess Katy's trying to "edge" up her image by dating a rapper(never heard of him). But like one person said on another site, "she's about as edgy as a circle".

Anonymous said...

I thought she had the fever. Maybe the next dude will be a brother.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Her tasted in men is fucking awful, she's goes from diseased manwhore Russell to diseased manwhore Mayor to this thing, he looks like a fucking rif fraff, hell they both look like riff raff"s. what's so funny is this bitch has so much latent anger, her eyes stay blazing in interviews, she looks like the type that would end up on snap. something about her screams homicidal maniac, I'm not taken in by her fake ass persona, none singing ass hoe!!

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