Friday, March 28, 2014

LeAnn Rhimes Broke and Headed for Divorce?

Insiders claim money problems are coming between LeAnn Rhimes and Eddie Cibrian.
Vocal talents may not be enough to pay LeAnn Rimes‘ bills these days! The country singer’s most recent album, Spitfire,was a dismal failure. In fact, she hasn’t had a bona fide hit album since 2007 — before she cheated on then husband Dean Sheremet with married actor Eddie Cibrian.
Now, the 31-year-old is married to Eddie, but they’re struggling financially. So much so, in fact, that he even had to ask ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, LeAnn’s nemesis, for money. “He asked Brandi for child support,” an insider tells Star. “He has no money of his own; LeAnn was paying his portion of child support!” (Brandi’s rep has supported this claim, while the actor denies it).
The money trouble has put a strain on the couple’s relationship, with LeAnn worried that Eddie will leave her if she doesn’t bring in money. “He’s been disappearing a lot lately and is very vague about his whereabouts,” a friend reveals. “He will come home at midnight and blow off her questions about where he was.”
With her husband backing away, LeAnn has found herself in a very dire place. “She feels like she’s all alone,” the insider confirms.
Jacked from Star Magazine  


Anonymous said...

how ya get'm is how ya lose'm

Anonymous said...

^^^ Exactly. What, did she think he was with her for her stunning looks and awesome personality? Even a blind man could've seen this coming.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:10

"did she think he was with her for her stunning looks and awesome personality"

almost shot coffee out my nose!
too funny and too true

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I'm not one to revel in the break up of a marriage, but it could not happen to a better person, this psycho bitch and the way she went about tormenting the ex wife after getting Eddie, garners no sympathy, what goes around comes around, all that bragging and taunting now she got egg on her face, women like this are absolutely hysterical you see the mack truck coming, but in their delusion they see nothing LMBAO.

Anonymous said...

Ah ha ha. Karma is a bitch, bitch.

Anonymous said...

Country fans are about loyalty. Prime example is how Dixie Chicks fans lost their minds when the band members went to England and talked shyt about Goerge DubbaU. Dixie Chicks were viewed as being disloyal to America and the American way.

When LeAnn cheated on her unsuspecting and seemingly sweet husband with Eddie, then left her husband for Eddie, her fans were shocked. Then, LeAnn was ballsy enough to write a song about stealing Eddie from his wife and put it on Spitfire. WTF? Of course no one is going to support that shyt, especially these country folks.

She deserves what she gets. Silly rabbit.

Anonymous said...

What comes around goes around boo. I bet his exwife is lhao somewhere..

Anonymous said...

Hey Bonus Mom! Do you think that your Bonus sons are on your side or their REAL mom's side?

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