Tuesday, March 25, 2014

L'Wren Scott's Sister Frozen Out of Funeral

Tragic style icon L'Wren's Scott's only sister is heartbroken at being frozen out of her sisters funeral.

L’WREN Scott’s sister is livid the designer will not be laid to rest beside her late parents — as was their dying wish.
Jan Shane, 53, says the family had agreed to all be buried beside their Mormon mum and dad at a cemetery in Utah, US. But plans to have L’Wren interred in Los Angeles instead have angered the fashion designer’s sister.
Jan sobbed: “I have been frozen out of my own sister’s funeral.”
Burial plans for L’Wren, 49 — found hanged in her Manhattan apartment a week ago — are being made by her brother Randy Bambrough and boyfriend, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger.
Randy has cut Jan out over a fall-out at their mum’s funeral six years ago.
Speaking from her home in Roy, Utah, Jan said: “Randy won’t talk to me and I’ve not had a single call from anyone in the Jagger camp.
“It is clear I will not be able to attend the funeral in Los Angeles — and it has left me heartbroken. I can’t imagine what our parents would be thinking.”
Jan insists L’Wren — born Luann — wanted to be buried at the family plot and has had her name etched on the headstone of adoptive parents Ivan and Lula.
L’Wren’s body was taken from a New York funeral home yesterday to be flown to LA. Jagger, 70, is in LA with his daughters Karis, 43, and Jade, 42, helping him plan the service.
Jacked from The Sun


Anonymous said...

This was a clear sacrifice. THESE PEOPLE ARE SATANIC

Anonymous said...

Yeah something sound off, they may not be even burying L'Wren's body.

Anonymous said...

Lwren did not commit suicide. She was murdered by the illuminati which involves Mick Jagger. While he was on the other side of the world, it was arranged to have Lwren killed, and then pOdin it as suicide. But who was the executioner? Was it a close illuminatti friend of Mick's or was it the illuminatti trying to send Mick a message? Someone entered Lwrens apartment, suffocated her, then staged the scene to make it look like suicide by hanging. Absurd when she was 6'3 and found on her knees with a scarf tied to a door knob. Please stop saying she committed suicide and wake up to the illuminatti people! If you poo poo this theory then you are simply ignorant. Look at the money in your wallet and see the illuminatti symbols that you carry with you every day and ate oblivious to!! The illuminatti controls all high profile wealthy people, and most are in government positions and entertainment industry. They are everywhere. So people, realize that these so called drug overdoses and suicides are the staged work of the illuminatti!! America...wake up and smell the illuminatti coffee!!!!

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