Monday, March 31, 2014

Michelle Rodriguez Invited to Poppy Delevingne's Wedding

She's part of the family now, too! Poppy Delevinge gives sister Cara's new relationship her stamp of approval by inviting Cara's lover actress Michelle Rodriguez to her wedding.
Socialite Poppy Delevingne has invited her sister Cara’s girlfriend to her wedding in May.
It scotches rumours that the family disapprove of Cara’s relationship with the actress Michelle Rodriguez, 35. Poppy, 27, took the couple to Soho hotspot The Box after telling friends that she was eager to get to know Michelle better.
Now she’s given Cara’s relationship the ultimate endorsement by including Michelle.
Poppy will have two ceremonies – one in London and one in Marrakech – when she weds James Cook, who works for his family’s aerospace firm.
Jacked from The Daily Mail

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