Friday, March 7, 2014

Oprah Accused of Exploiting Lindsay Lohan

Oprah Winfrey accused of exploiting troubled actress Lindsay Lohan for OWN.
For the past several years, Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of rehab, with her most recent stint court-ordered visit to Cliffside Malibu in 2013. The troubled actress followed that stay by filming a reality show for Winfrey’s OWN network titled “Lindsay.”
In a clip for the show released on Tuesday, Winfrey is shown telling Lindsay she is there to help. But many critics are calling Winfrey's show, which premieres on Sunday, plain exploitation, and potentially dangerous for the troubled former child star.
Janina Kean, President and CEO of High Watch Recovery Center in Connecticut, told FOX411 that “everyone is exploiting Lohan and she is not well enough to realize this.”
Human behavior expert Patrick Wanis, PhD, concurred, saying “if Oprah really wanted to help, she wouldn’t need to employ cameras."
Jacked from Fox News


Anonymous said...

duh! OF COURSE okra is exploiting lindz for ratings! her network NEEDS all the ratings it can get cuz ain't nobody tuning in to see the shit she had on there before she figured she needed to crank up the ratchet factor to get folks to watch!

nba is fixed said...

I got two words to say about this story; NO SHIT!

Anonymous said...

Oprah-Lee Daniels-Steve Harvey-Al Sharpton-Jesse Jackson-Tyler Perry=Master Exploiters=Keepers Of Secrets=Keeping People Of Color In Bondage Mentality

Anonymous said...

They are both using each other tho. Lindsay ain't worked or had a hit movie in almost a decade so the fact that Oprah is showing any interest in her she should be thankful that's #1. Plus Ain't she getting paid like 2 million dollars that plus the exposure will keep what's left of her failed career afloat for a while so if anything she needs to be thanking Oprah.

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