Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ray J and Joan Rivers Recreate Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Ray J and Joan Rivers release a gag tape spoofing Ray J's infamous sex tape with Kim Kardashian.
Ray J has re-entered the world of porn ... and he's gone from blow jobs to nose jobs.
The man famous for making Kim Kardashian a star hit the sheets with Joan Rivers for a very dirty session. Ok ... nowhere near as dirty as he got with Kim, but in old lady terms, it's raunchy.
As Joan does so well ... they faked sex for her WE tv show, "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" (which premieres March 29). You gotta watch ... it's pretty funny.
Even though it's all for gags ... Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch tells TMZ he did meet with Joan to discuss the possibility of making her his first GILF star. He tells us, "I'd pay her $100,000 right now!"

Jacked from TMZ 


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I will not press play on this shit, he's worse that a woman scorned, this tragic alcoholic industry fuck boy needs to let it go already, she done went on got married, divorced, fake a pregnancy and gave her gay fiancee a surrogate baby, had 18 episodes of that wack ass show, bought like 4 houses, opened up 5 stores and went on dates with rich old men, and he's still keeping her name in his mouth. he's the saddest nigga I ever had the misfortune to read about on a blog. suicide would not be a bad option for him to choose.

Anonymous said...

ray j is the drug runner that gave bad drugs to whitney.

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