Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian Run Into Each Other at the Dermatologist

Paparazzi catch Beyonce and Kim Kardashian having a little girl time at the skin doctor.

There's nothing like getting a recommendation from a personal friend.
And it seems either Kim Kardashian or Beyonce has given a glowing review of their favourite dermatology clinic. The two were caught arriving for overlapping appointments at the exclusive Lancer Dermatology on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on Friday within minutes of one another.
Smiling Beyonce, seen through the window sitting in the back of her car, was dressed in a blue and white patterned jumpsuit.
Meanwhile Kim, 33, drove herself to the clinic, looking straight faced as she hid behind sunglasses in the drivers seat.
The Lancer Clinic offers exclusive products at high prices - everything from laser skin treatment to chemical peels and facials.
Perhaps relations are thawing between Beyonce and Kim, after a rather cool start to their friendship.
Jacked from The Daily Mail  


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, no Kim has an insider and they called her letting her know that Bey was going to come and scheduled Kim at the same time to make it look random. Nothing is random with these folks.

Anonymous said...

You know Kim is stalking Beyoncé, she's going to try her hardest to get Beyoncé to reconsider attending her televised circus freak show of a wedding to Koonye

Anonymous said...

Dermatologist=bleach doctor-for BOTH of them!

Anonymous said...

yep 12:07 but more for Beyonce than Kim. This b**** is obsessed with being white!

Anonymous said...

12:54PM and 12:07PM

Foolishness. I've gone to a skin doctor for a facials and blemishes, nothing to do with bleaching the skin. Most lightening on dark skin is NOT due to skin bleaching but due to skin peelings. Skin peelings are great for wrinkles, blemishes, and lack luster skin (post winter). The bad thing is that the darker your skin in, there is a chance that you will get a bit lighter after the re-surfacing but that is not the intent and you will gain your skin back after the sun. Many celebs do it to their whole body.

Read a book, open your mind, step out of your little insignificant box. Stop lapping up every foolish rumor or seed planted in an empty mind and use some common sense.

Anonymous said...

12:07 & 12:54

But Beyoncé actually looked darker than her usual self after leaving the dermatologist, so if she's obsessed with bleaching how do you explain that?

Here's the picture:


Anonymous said...


Cause they are full of shit (12:07/12:54). Just look at a picture of Beyonce as a child, nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they both look like men in drag. i guess since bruce is becoming bettina, kim is going the "chick with a (fake) dick" route.

signwithclass said...

Fuck both these haux. How's that?

Anonymous said...

10:23 Neither one of these "haux" give a fuck about you or your existence... How's that?

Anonymous said...

^^^Then why they always in our faces on blogs, TV, print, etc.? They DO give a fuck because they want our $$$.

Both Beyonce and Kim are FUCKED UP people living a lie- they have no real life because they have NO SOULS. How's that for you?

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