Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jared Leto Doesn't Mind Being Called Queer

Academy Award winning actor Jared Leto doesn't mind being labeled as queer.

Jared Leto is once again proving how friggin' cool he is.
In the new issue of FourTwoNine magazine, the Dallas Buyers Club Oscar winner says he doesn't mind if you called him "queer."
When the mag's editor-in-chief Kevin Sessums mentions that some of his "straight friends have begun to define themselves as queer without it being a sexual term but a cultural one," he goes on to ask Leto and his brother Shannon Leto if they'd be "averse" to having the same label.
"I wouldn't care," Shannon said.
Jared added, "I don't think we'd care at all. We certainly identify with people who are different."
Jacked from E Online


Anonymous said...

Another illuminati puppet. Same ole story. nothing to see here

Anonymous said...

He really is a pretty man.

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