Friday, April 18, 2014

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera Feuding on Set

Diva fight! Lea Michele and Naya Rivera feuding on the set of Glee.

Naya Rivera and Lea Michele were at the center of a near mutiny on the set of "Glee" that ended with one of them storming out in anger -- but who left ... depends on who you ask.
Sources close to Naya tell TMZ most of the cast and crew were annoyed on Tuesday by Lea's diva antics -- like making everyone else wait to shoot a scene ... while she stepped away to deal with personal matters.
We're told tensions finally got so bad Naya "had the stones" to go to producers and let them know -- on behalf of everyone -- that Lea was pissing off people.
Our Naya sources say when Lea returned to resume shooting she got wind of Naya's chat with producers -- and left the set in a huff.
Now our Lea sources had a different take -- telling us Lea was totally unaware of any complaints about her ... and Lea and Naya weren't even shooting scenes together. They also say it was Naya who got tossed off the set.
We got several tips claiming Naya was fired -- but Naya sources say that's just not true.
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Anonymous said...

Here's what happened, Lea pissed off everyone. Naya snitched, Lea found out and since she is the star of the show, she got Naya kicked out. The end.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Glee sucks, I can't believe that trash is still on the air. neither one of these stunt queens are interesting I can't believe I'm even commenting on these two pretentious ass hoes.

signwithclass said...

Ditto, 8:40. Never watched an episode; no desire to.

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