Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lily Allen Mocks Beyonce at G-A-Y

Lily Allen mocks Beyonce at the famed G-A-Y club in London.

The first time she played G-A-Y, Lily Allen dressed up as Dorothy form the Wizard Of Oz, the next as Britney Spears.
But on Saturday night, Lily decided to dress up like Beyoncé in drag for a cover during her performance at the London club night.
Allen was joined by half-naked male and female backing dancers for the raunchy performance of the Destiny's Child classic Survivor.
The singer was recreating Beyonce's Grammy Awards appearance, by having a bucket of water thrown over her before performing the R&B track.
Joined by a male performer in his underwear, she writhed around the stage in her best Beyoncé style.
At the close of the track she removed her wig and accepted a warm round of applause from party-goers.
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Beyonce dissed again. Beyonce, no body wants you to #Stay

Anonymous said...

Lol! Yes BeYawnce even white folks can see you're a joke. Time to retire.

Anonymous said...

Lily Allen is a non-factor. The only way she could get press is by mocking a much bigger and more successful artist.

Anonymous said...

Lily who?


The Beyhive will rip this bitch to shreds and have her issuing an apology before it's all over with. Lol I love how the only way wack nobodies get a little shine now days is to throw shade at the queen. That's why Beyoncé is selling out stadiums and her tour just made over 200 million dollars. Meanwhile this has been 1 hit wonder is performing in night clubs. Bitch BYE! You already lost before you even tried it.

Anonymous said...

Nice try but her album is still gonna flop!


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