Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Credit Cards Declined

Lindsay Lohan left embarrassed after her credit card is declined in New York.
Talk about life imitating art!
Just weeks after Lindsay Lohan filmed her guest spot on the hit CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, the 27-year-old faced the reality that plagues the shows titular characters!
According to a new report, LiLo had her credit card declined during a recent shopping trip in New York this past weekend!
A source close to the Mean Girls actress told Page Six her cards were turned down during while shopping at Rag & Bone on Mercer Street in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood.
“Lindsay was trying to buy something for around $300 but her credit cards were declined,” the source said. “She looked really embarrassed and tried to negotiate before her friend finally stepped in and paid.”
The source added this isn’t the first incident demonstrating Lindsay’s recent financial woes—explaining the production team of her OWN docu-series, Lindsay, had to step in and pay the rent and security deposit for her NYC pad.
This comes shortly after it was reported that the troubled star’s long-time assistant, Matt Harrell—who has been featured prominently on her reality show—quit because she could no longer afford to keep up with the high salary of his demanding job.
“Matt has moved from Los Angeles to New York City to work for Lindsay,” a source told RadarOnline. “He is extremely professional and very good at his job… Lindsay would love to have Matt back at her assistant, but she just can’t afford him. He did a really good job for her.”
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Anonymous said...

Few things can drain your wallet faster like having a raging drug habit AND living and spending WAY beyond your means!

Anonymous said...

Living in that hotel for 64 days had to be expensive. I say learn to do your own hair and make up (drop the glam sqaud), instead of going to Barney's try Lord & Taylor or something like that and kill the car service, it's NY take a cab. See I just saved you $1500 for the day.

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