Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Suffers Miscarriage

Lindsay Lohan opens up about secret miscarriage on the final episode of her ill-fated reality show.
Fallen star Lindsay Lohan revealed Sunday night that she had suffered a miscarriage.
She dropped the bombshell near the end of what was probably the final episode of her reality show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network.
The show, which follows 27-year-old Lohan through her day, ran a recent clip of her arriving hours late to film a segment of Fuse TV’s “Billy on the Street.”
At first, she blamed a severe chest cold. But then she broke into tears and said she’d been late for public appearances — and had to take time off — because of her secret pregnancy.
“No one knows this, but I had a miscarriage for those two weeks I took off,” she said, without naming the father. “I was sick, and that mentally messes with you.”
Several reports have said her show will not be renewed.
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Its Ms. Cunt to you hoes said...

Bitch is lying as usual, she's a professional fuck up the end.

Anonymous said...

this lame bitch aint had no damn misscariage,the only misscariage is watching this bitch walk out of a court room free with fuck you writin on her dirty ass fingers... now thats a misscariage a misscariage of justice just let her dumb ass be black then she would pay for her stupid shit.......

Anonymous said...

saw 'mean girls' on netflix instant the other night. shame how quickly she went downhill. and the thing is, in a vanity fair article, she said that around that time, being on the covers of tabloids was the 'in' thing to do and she wanted to be a part of that crowd with paris and nicole richie and all them. basically, she was an a-lister trying to be a d-lister and in the end, she got what she wanted. now she's trying to be a-list again but it's over. she blew her chance and she's never getting it back.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe her. I do believe she was probably binging during that time.

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