Monday, April 7, 2014

Linsay Lohan Meets Half Sibling

Lindsay Lohan agrees to meet her new baby brother after first refusing to do so.
Letting go of some old grudges as she continues her recovery, Lindsay Lohan reportedly met her half-siblings recently.
Just a few weeks ago, the "Mean Girls" star snapped at her father Michael Lohan during her OWN docu-series, telling him, "I do not want to talk about your two other random f*cking kids. They are not part of my life, and they never will be."
However, it appears she's had a change of heart, as Michael told RadarOnline of his infant son, "All of my kids got to meet Landon. Ali was the most amazing, but Lindsay bonded with him and so did my other children."
Happy for some family togetherness, he added, "It was a great experience for me and Landon, and I think them, too."
Jacked from Celebrity Gossip

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