Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mickey Rooney Cuts Wife and Children Out of His Will

Actor Mickey Rooney cuts his wife and 8 surviving children out of his will leaving his entire estate to a stepson.

Mickey Rooney signed his last will just weeks before death, leaving a modest estate to a stepson who had been his caretaker.
Rooney's death Sunday occurred after the actor began to have difficulty breathing during an afternoon nap, attorney Michael Augustine said. The actor had been in good spirits and was looking forward to continuing to appear in movies after filming a scene for the upcoming installment of the "Night at the Museum" franchise.
Rooney's will was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday. It was signed by Rooney on March 11 and called for his stepson Mark Rooney and his wife to be the sole beneficiaries of the actor's estate, which is valued at only $18,000.
Despite a show business career spanning more than 80 years, Rooney said he had lost most of his fortune because of elder abuse and financial mismanagement by another one of his stepsons. Augustine said despite an agreement for millions to be repaid to the actor, it was unlikely the estate could ever collect on the judgment.
Rooney's will disinherited the actor's eight surviving children, as well as his estranged wife. Jan Rooney will receive her husband's Social Security benefits and some of his pension earnings as a result of a previous agreement; Augustine said Rooney felt that provided adequate care for her. He said Rooney's children were in better financial situations than the actor, so he felt it was appropriate to leave Mark Rooney all he had left.


Anonymous said...

Hell $18,000 divided by 8 kids is only $2,250 each I doubt his kids care. He must of been a nasty old goat for all 8 of his kids to not come around leaving him to depend on his step son.

Anonymous said...

Shit after taxes he did have shit. That is less than most middle class workers make in a year.

Anonymous said...

He did the right thing-he left what he had to the person who took care of him when he needed it. I'm sure his stepson can use the $$$.

RIP Mickey!

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