Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Miley Cyrus Hospitalized

Miley Cyrus forced to cancel her show in Kansas after severe reaction to antibiotics.
Miley Cyrus was taken to the hospital today, and will therefore not be able to perform in Kansas City tonight.
A source confirms to E! News that Miley has canceled her show at the Sprint Center tonight due to what they call "an absolutely horrible reaction" to medication.
Cyrus' current medical state is not clear, but the singer did tweet to fans apologizing for not being able to give them a show. "Kansas I promise Im as [heartbroken] as you are. I wanted so badly 2 b there 2night. Not being with yall makes me feel s--ttier than I already do," she tweeted.
She followed up with a photo of herself in the hospital bed, writing, "Mr. Octopussy & some amazing Drs are taking good care of me."
Jacked from E Online  


Anonymous said...

IOW, she nearly overdosed on whatever she was snorting and/or inhaling on the day of the show and had to be rushed to the hospital.

she should just cancel the rest of her tour since apparently, she'd rather get high than perform.

WTF??!!!!!! said...

Covering 1 eye socket. Clearly that's the one eye illuminati thing she's doing. She's probably not even conscious of it...she don't look all there in that pic. Like I said....she's being reprogrammed.

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