Tuesday, April 1, 2014

O-Town Getting Back Together

MTV's 2000 Making The Band stars O-Town are getting back together.
Another boy band is making a comeback! Star can confirm that O-Town is getting back together, and they’ll have a special announcement for fans on their website this Monday.
The group got together on MTV’s Making The Band in 2000 and put out two albums before parting ways in 2003. The guys are best known for their hits “Liquid Dreams” and “All or Nothing.”
O-Town’s site is currently counting down the seconds until Monday’s big announcement — keep up with the countdown here: http://www.otownofficial.com/.
Jacked from Star Magazine


Anonymous said...

why bother? i'm old enough to remember, but i doubt anyone from this generation will care since they wasn't that big when they was "famous".

Anonymous said...

good for their fans and bad for the rest of us which is the entire world. get your earplugs now.

signwithclass said...

WTF for????????

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