Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simon Cowell Names Sinittta Baby's Godmother

Simon Cowell names ex-girlfriend Sinitta one of his son's Godparents.

Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend is to be Godmother to his son.
The music mogul and his partner Lauren Silverman have asked singer Sinitta - who previously revealed she aborted the 'X Factor' boss' baby in the 1980s - to look after the spiritual welfare of six-week-old Eric.
Posting a photo of herself cradling the baby on twitter, she wrote: ''
''Wanted you to be the first (well after my mom and children) to hear about my next, serious new role... Drum roll...
''At Mothers Day lunch with Mom, Magdalena, Zac, @JasonJGale @SimonCowell I was asked to be godmother to Baby Eric!!! X (sic)''
Sinitta - who chose Simon to be Godfather to her children Magdalena and Zac - has remained close to the 54-year-old star and previously admitted she felt ''betrayed'' when she found out he was to be a father.
She said in September: ''I was completely and utterly stunned. I was in such a daze, to the point where I wondered if I was dreaming it.
''We knew we were all close friends but I didn't realize he and Lauren were falling in love and, when I found out, I will admit I was taking aback and did feel a sense of betrayal''
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signwithclass said...

This man has balls like Mt. Rushmore. And that girls is stupid.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

It has to be the money, because Simon is so fucking ugly and hairy, goddess he must stink when its hot, those furry ass man titties, that square frankenstein/herman munster shaped head, his bad shaped body like a square block of concrete, these bitches are beyond deranged, all the money in the world could not invoke one bit of lust for this hairy cro-magnon who looks like he has not fully evolved yuck!! and that baby is just pitiful looking like its father, that is one ugly ass old looking kid, that baby looks like an ugly 95 yr old pit bull not an attractive kid at all. money is a hell of a drug to these desperate hoes.

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