Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wiz Khalifa Dishes on Smoking Weed with Miley Cyrus

Wiz Khalifa admits he can't keep up with Miley Cyrus when it comes to smoking weed.
MILEY Cyrus "smokes a ton" of weed, according to Wiz Kalifa.
The rapper – who was arrested on various drug charges in 2010 – claims he couldn’t keep up with the Wrecking Ball star when they collaborated on his album, Blacc Hollywood.
Appearing on The Arsenio Hall Show on Monday, he was what it was like to work with the 21-year-old singer.
He said: “Insane! But in a good way though, she’s just a ball of energy. She smokes a ton.”
He added: “I don’t know. She’s younger so it’s different. Every five minutes she kept being like, ‘Hey Wiz, you don’t have a joint rolled? What’s up?’ She was just blowin’ like a train.”
Jacked from The Sun

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Anonymous said...

Miley Cyrus looks like a buck-toothed chipmunk and Wiz looks like a burnout. Next.

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