Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cher Furious About Son Chaz's Plans to Marry Drag Queen

Cher furious over transgender son Chaz' plans to marry Australian drag queen Courtney Act.
POP superstar Cher is hopping mad over her son Chaz Bono‘s plan to marry an Australian drag queen.
Chaz is said to be crushing on Shane Jenek, a 33-year-old better known by his drag queen stage name, Courtney Act.
He shot to fame as a semifinalist on Australian Idol in 2003 and has since built a career as a pop singer and entertainer.
“Cher is having a full-blown meltdown,” a source told American tabloid theNational Enquirer.
“She finally accepted Chaz’s gender change, but now she’s terrified that he’ll end up worse off.”
Chaz, 45, met Jenek while serving as guest judge on the reality TV showRuPaul’s Drag Race, where Jenek was competing. “Chaz is taking the relationship seriously. He wants to marry Courtney, and he thinks Courtney will agree,” said the source.
“Chaz hasn’t had much luck finding love with a woman, but he seems to have had no problem developing a close relationship with Courtney.”
Jacked from Showbiz Spy


Anonymous said...

Chaz is such an attention whore. When Chaz was a female, she was a lesbian. Now that she became a he, all of a sudden he's into drag queens? Isn't a drag queen a man who likes to dress up like a woman, and I thought drag queens have not had any gender assignment surgery?

I won't even talk about how Chaz wanted to be an actor and have a "leading man" role. Girl, stop!

JJSantoro said...

@4:20 Girl you aint lying. This fag is so fucked up in the head they need to lock him up in a Physc ward. This fag doesn't know what the fuck he is.

Anonymous said...

Gender identification had nothing to do with sexuality... Just so you all know...

Anonymous said...

^^^Granted. So Chastity, who was gay, became Chaz (who at present is a transvestite). He is now dating...a male transvestite.

So at least for now, Chaz is a woman who looks like a man and is having sex with a man who looks like a woman.

Alrighty then.......

Anonymous said...

chaz is a jackass no matter what sex he is or likes

Anonymous said...

If he has no penis, he is still CHASTITY!!! No matter what SHE calls herself!

Anonymous said...

yuck!!!! DANG,,

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