Monday, May 12, 2014

Chris Martin Alexa Chung Officially Dating?

Chris Martin and Alexa Chung spotted out several times since his break-up with Gwyneth Paltrow.

CHRIS MARTIN is officially single so he can date who he likes, right?
Now he has “uncoupled” from GWYNETH PALTROW, he’s used his new-found freedom to hook up withALEXA CHUNG. The pair went out for dinner in New York last weekend.
The COLDPLAY frontman was in the city to perform with the band on Saturday Night Live, while Alexa was in town for the Met Gala.
A source said: “Alexa and Chris did see each other in NYC, briefly.
“Friends think it’s definitely developing into a relationship.
“But Alexa’s a cool girl. She’s not going to make herself look stupid.
“They like each other and have a lot in common but life’s a bit tricky for Chris at the moment.”
A fellow diner tweeted about them mid-date: “I just had drinks next to Chris Martin and Alexa Chung on a date and they talked about narwhals. That is all.”
We’re guessing they mean the band, THE NARWHALS, who were previously known as THE FEAVER.
Comfortable chat then, nothing too heavy.
But then they have known one another for a long time... (we recall them skipping off together around 2am near the Park Stage at Glastonbury last year.)
Jacked from The Sun

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