Friday, May 2, 2014

Christina Aguilera Can't Stand Taylor Swift

Christina Aguilera can't stand Taylor Swift and demands her stylists use Taylor as an example of how NOT to dress her.

CHRISTINA Aguilera hates Taylor Swift.
According to a new report, Christina isn’t keen on Taylor’s sense of fashion, and has “instructed” her team to dress her in outfits that in no way resemble anything that the Love Story singer has worn recently.
“Christina loves getting attention for looking trashy and not put together and uses Taylor as a kind of ‘anti-inspiration’ for her fashion, makeup and hair now.” a source said.
“She can’t stand Taylor’s preppy prissy ‘caged bird in a tower’ thing — and has used her as a guide on what NOT to wear for over 18 months.”
After shedding 35lbs, Christina — who’s pregnant with fiance Matt Rutler‘s baby — is said to be worried about piling all the weight back on again.
“Christina worked really hard to get that body,” an insider said.
“For her to be pregnant so soon after getting in such great shape is throwing her for a loop. She’s definitely thinking about the weight gain after everything she did to get so thin.
“She wants to stay in shape now and won’t overindulge. Christina’s very vain. She’ll want to look perfect on her wedding day!”
Jacked from Showbiz Spy

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we can't stand any of you witches but taylor is winning this battle

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