Monday, May 12, 2014

French Montana Making Khloe Kardashian Foot the Bills

Sources claim French Montana is an obnoxious drunk who has been making Khloe Kardashian foot the bills for their dates.

KHLOE Kardashian has fallen for another loser — if this latest report is to be believed.
The reality star and her new beau French Montana hit up Crustacean in Beverly Hills on April 25 — and he allegedly making her pay the $600 bill.
“He was acting like a jerk,” an eyewitness says of the couple, who were joined by two friends.
“You can tell he doesn’t treat her right. He kept ordering rounds of drinks … Eventually he had to be cut off.”
Jacked Show Biz Spy


Anonymous said...

Good for her man thirsty ass!

Anonymous said...

Silly fucker probably thinks he's onto a good thing. Well, he's an idiot. No man can survive around the Kardashians

Anonymous said...

That's all the ogre is good for cause she sure aint a looker by any means...

Anonymous said...

She is a dumb ass!! Of course she is paying he aint got no money - broke ass bum!!!

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