Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jay Z and Beyonce Avoid Rachel Roy

Jay Z and Beyonce bail on KimYe's wedding to avoid run in with Rachel Roy.

So how come Bey and Jay didn't make it to their pals' lavish wedding?
E! News has learned that they wanted to avoid any potential drama with designer Rachel Roy after their recent run-in at the Met Gala.
"Jay Z and Beyoncé were invited but didn't come, seemingly to avoid drama from Rachel Roy who was going. In the end, the wedding was full of love and super intimate," a source told us, adding that the "entire wedding felt very normal."
The insider continued, "It might appear like it was something over the top, but it was very much focused on the important things that matter most."
Jacked from E!


Anonymous said...

Who cares!!! I am sick of all these same old washed up used up media hoggers!!!

Anonymous said...

Baphomet bimbo beyonce needs to get a divorce

Anonymous said...

Rachel is a beauty.

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