Saturday, May 10, 2014

KimYe Wedding Held Up By Pre-Nup

Kim Kardashain and Kanye West still haggling over their pre-nuputial agreement.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can't get married, because their prenup is still being hashed out ... TMZ has learned.
Sources connected with Kim and Kanye tell TMZ ... the prenup won't be signed until next week -- probably Wednesday at the earliest. We're told the marriage will NOT take place until both sign on the dotted line.
Our sources say -- unlike Kim's prenup with Kris Humphries -- the current negotiations are friendly ... there's no fighting. We're told there's just a lot to work out, and it got complicated by the fact that Kanye recently changed management.
As for the wedding ... it's looking like Paris ... around Memorial Day.
Jacked from TMZ  


Anonymous said...

In order for them to marry in Paris dont they have to be residents of France for at least 45 days?? Whats so hard about should we ever break up you keep what you brought to the table and ill do the same?? i mean if its TRULY about love and not golddigging?? damn shes been branded a household name all for suckin Ray J's lil skinny dang a lang on film, she squeezed a reality show, clothing line, all types of endorsements and whatnot from it, im sure she has enough bread to last a lifetime for her and North!!! Some muhfuggahs just be HELLA GREEDY!!!! idk wtf is wrong with Kanye?? He should have taken note from ALL THE OTHER BLACK ATHLETES, ACTORS, AND ENTERTAINERS SHE FUCKED IN SEARCH OF HER GOLDEN TICKET and got on once they were no longer beneficial to her.. imma keep him in my prayers because i know if his mama was still alive he wouldnt have touched that trash with a pole vault!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hell, there is no need for anyone else to comment, 4:00 a.m said it all.

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