Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Miley Cyrus Calls Jennifer Lawrence a Liar

Miley Cyrus calls Jennifer Lawrence a liar after Jennifer claims Miley called her a drunken mess.
Remember when Jennifer Lawrence told us a beautiful story about her getting tanked at the Oscars and puking on Madonna's stairs in front of Miley? Well, it's all a pack of people pleasing lies according to a certain Cyrus.
Clearly Miley had heard rumors of her illustrious name being used in vain, because her fingers were poised at the ready when Late Night with Seth Meyers aired. After Jennifer Lawrence had spun her silken yarn about Miley telling her vomit spattered self to "get it together", the controversial pop singer slammed into Twitter like a wrecking ball... Only to delete the tweet one hot minute later.

But, who do we believe?!
JLaw was so drunk she was hurling on herself (apparently...) and Miley's enthusiasm for Weed and Molly has probably left her with a brain like Swiss cheese, so neither seem like the most reliable witnesses.
I am just going to have to go with the theory that Lawrence was so bleary eyed from her 7th bellini that she was in fact looking at Justin Bieber. It's an easy mistake to make, babes.
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Anonymous said...

the truth is that both these skanks are liars

Anonymous said...

Who gives a damn?

nba is fixed said...

Thr truth is that both of these girls have become mind controlled sex kittens. Notice that these two have the same haircut.

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