Monday, May 19, 2014

Pamela Anderson Reveals Childhood Sexual Abuse

Pamela Anderson opens up about being molested as a child, raped as a pre-teen, and gang raped by her boyfriend and his friends in high school.

Pamela Anderson was gang-raped as a teen — and that’s just one of the stunning, traumatic admissions the star made at the launch of The Pamela Anderson Foundation.
Speaking at the event in Cannes on Friday, the “Baywatch” star reportedly first confessed she was “molested from age six by a female babysitter,” and went on to reveal she had her first “heterosexual experience” when she was raped a few years later.
“I went to a friend’s boyfriend’s house and his older brother decided to teach me backgammon which led into a back massage,” she recalled, saying the full-on assault followed.
“He was 25 years old, and I was 12,” Anderson is quoted as saying.
The group assault, the actress revealed, occurred when she was a high school teen, when her own boyfriend “decided it would be funny to gang-rape me with six friends.”
Anderson admitted, “I wanted off this earth.”
The star went on to share that her love of nature is what ultimately gave her the strength to go on.
“My affinity with animals saved me, they came to me naturally. The trees spoke to me. I wasn’t sure why I was alive — a burning question, a quest,” she explained.
Anderson, whose foundation will work to protect environmental, animal, and human rights, went on, “My loyalty remained with the animal kingdom. I vowed to protect them and only them.”
“I prayed to the whales with my feet in the ocean, my only real friends until I had children,” she reportedly said.
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Anonymous said...

This explains her trampy, slutty image back in the day. By the way, she looks scary.

Anonymous said...

Her face is pulled way too tight...she does look scary in her old menopausal dried up current state.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on this story...

1. “He was 25 years old, and I was 12,” Anderson is quoted as saying." -Why the HELL didn't she report it to the police/her parents? I'd be damned if I let anyone rape me and I don't report it to someone!

2. "The group assault, the actress revealed, occurred when she was a high school teen, when her own boyfriend “decided it would be funny to gang-rape me with six friends.”- So she was pulling trains as a teen!

I'm tired of the old azz "starlets" telling on themselves and airing their dirty laundry for an extra ten seconds of fame. This trick has always been "hoe-ing"-which explains her success in Hollyweird.

nba is fixed said...

Pamela Anderson is the perfect example of being cursed with beauty. I believe every word she is saying. Most of you aren't old enough to remember how insanely gorgeous Pamela Anderson was before she became famous. This woman has been molested and turned out by sexual predators her whole life. I'm surprised she hasn't killed herself. Cut her some slack.

Anonymous said...

^^^ So true - I am not surprised there have always been sick, disgusting perverts around. People did not talk about it in the open and swept it under the rug. Pam Grier said the same thing about being moelsted by a cousin and his friends and raped later by a date! I have met ladies who have said the same thing about being molested/violeted by family members, friends, neighbors. Its not limited to just girls the boys are in danger too. Sick world!!! We must protect our children from these scums!!

JJSantoro said...

Another has been needing another 10 seconds of fame nothing but a stunt queen.

Anonymous said...

I believe her, but the face lifts have left her looking horrible.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, old Pammie looks like she has been put through the wringer. Used up and haggard.

Anonymous said...

This was unnecessary she's been a well know plastic filled whore whose acting was good enough to sustain her career. She really believed sleeping around would keep her relevant.

I'm sure something happened...but I don't see the value in revealing this information to the public. Want shock value...sympathy...what is the benefit?

Anonymous said...

well that's unfortunate

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