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Prince Albert Refuses to See Illegitimate Son

Prince Albert of Monaco refuses to see the illegitimate son his fathered with former flight attendant Nicole Coste.
For the fabulously wealthy citizens of Monaco, it was the news they longed to hear. Princess Charlene, the glamorous wife of the country’s ruler Prince Albert, declared she was ready to start a family. Her announcement that ‘kids will come’ not only delighted the principality’s conservative people who yearn for a House of Grimaldi heir, but it also put paid to rumours that the royal marriage is somewhat fractious.
But for one bewildered boy, the news will herald more heartache. An heir will, in all likelihood, serve only to increase his yearning for recognition from the absent father he adores.
Alexandre Coste Grimaldi is the ten-year-old illegitimate son of Monaco’s ruler, born after Albert romanced flight attendant Nicole Coste in a clandestine six-year relationship.
Renowned for his roving eye, Albert – known as the ‘playboy prince’ who has been linked to a string of beauties including Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brooke Shields – demanded DNA tests before he accepted paternity. As his subjects reeled at the news of his liaison, he continued to disown Alexandre, even though behind the scenes he was more than happy to be part of his son’s life.
But since his marriage to South African-born Princess Charlene in 2011, he has distanced himself from his only son.
Albert already has an illegitimate daughter, Jazmin, now 22.
In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Nicole, who has fought hard – but unsuccessfully – for Alexandre to be recognised as a prince, tells how she was shunned by Monaco society and left to explain to her tearful son why his father no longer sees him.
‘The truth is that, I’m sorry to say, Albert hasn’t seen Alexandre since a brief visit last September. It has become impossible since he married that girl,’ she says referring to Charlene, 36. ‘I suppose as a new wife, how would one feel? But she should think about my innocent child. I don’t want to attack her but I think it is just jealousy and I don’t know why. I have been through hell in my fight for my son’s name and future.’
Understandably loath to go into the detail about her son’s distress, Nicole leaves it to a close confidante to explain how the distance has affected her son. ‘Alexandre misses his daddy dreadfully,’ the friend says. ‘He has started to feel sad and rejected. He asks, “Why can’t I see Daddy?” He has to be told that his father is busy.’
Nicole’s relationship with Albert began as a chance encounter on an Air France flight from Nice to Paris in 1997. Albert was enchanted by the stunning stewardess with the bewitching smile who served him champagne in First Class.  
‘The strange thing is that I wasn’t even supposed to be on the flight,’ recalls Nicole. ‘I was on standby that day and was filling in for a colleague.
‘I always served in First Class so I was accustomed to dealing with VIPs. When I saw Albert our eyes met and I knew this was different. There was definitely an aura around him and we hit it off immediately. ‘I found him attractive with a twinkle in his eye.
‘He asked for my mobile telephone number. I didn’t write it on a napkin but on proper paper from the First Class cabin. I think he knew I wasn’t intimidated by him, that I felt comfortable in his presence.
‘I was charmed but no, it wasn’t love at first sight. That came later. Albert called me and asked me to come to Monaco for the weekend. It all seemed very natural and I bought my own ticket and stayed with him at his private apartment. I remember thinking, “Oh, this is nice.” ’
Nicole, whose father was a merchant in Togo, West Africa, admits she was excited and flattered by the attention. ‘I think he was attracted by my softness, but I was determined not to be a plaything. I needed him to respect me. So when we slept together we cuddled up but didn’t have sex.
‘I was determined that we wouldn’t make love until we got to know each other better. Albert respected that. I was no gold-digger. If anything, I bought him gifts.’
Indeed, Nicole had already demonstrated her mettle when she left Africa at just 15. One of five children, she was determined to make a better life for herself and so travelled to Paris to study.
She admits: ‘I didn’t expect to fall for Albert. I recall waking up in the night and realising that I had fallen in love with him.’ Their liaison became the best-kept secret among Monaco society. Although they both attended red carpet events and mixed with socialites and celebrities, the majority of Albert’s subjects knew nothing of the relationship.
‘It is not my fault I fell in love with a Prince,’ Nicole says defensively. Inevitably, however, their initial passion waned and the relationship petered out. But in its final days, Nicole discovered she was pregnant.
‘When I first broke the news to Albert he was fine about it,’ she says. ‘He said I should keep the baby and promised to support me.’ However, months later the Prince’s enthusiasm waned. ‘I think Palace officials had got to him, possibly pointing out future inheritance problems.’
In spite of Nicole’s suspicions it is unlikely that was Albert’s motive. A year before Alexandre was born in 2003, Prince Rainier – concerned that Monaco would revert to becoming part of France if his son did not produce an heir – changed the constitution to decree that only the legitimate offspring of Albert or his sisters, Caroline and Stephanie, could inherit the royal title. This ensured that, should Albert die childless, Caroline or her children would ascend to the throne.
When Alexandre was born Albert provided a generous financial allowance for Nicole and her son and moved them into an exquisite villa on the French Riviera. Though Alexandre’s birth scandalised Monegasque society, initially Albert was a loving father. Nicole says that she taught the Prince how to change his son’s nappies.
‘Albert and his son shared an affectionate, natural father/son relationship with trips and pirate-themed birthday parties,’ she reveals. ‘The Prince was proud of his son, often cuddling him warmly
‘Despite the end of our relationship a boy needs his father and I wrote to Albert saying this was not about money.
Our son needs a father with whom he can talk, who will pay regular visits – not one who appears and disappears.’ But while Albert was, albeit in private, a hands-on father, he refused to acknowledge paternity. It was only when DNA tests proved he was the father that he accepted the situation.
In 2005 he announced he was the father but decreed his illegitimate son would not inherit the throne. He did, however, vow that Alexandre would be cared for financially. When Albert met and then became engaged to South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock in 2010, his interest in his son waned.
Nicole felt sidelined and snubbed by society friends who feared they would offend the new Princess-to-be if they consorted with her.
Many criticised Nicole in public, dubbing her ‘audacious’ for demanding recognition and rights for her son. She also caused anger by being pictured strolling with her son in the Monaco sunshine on the eve of Albert and Charlene’s wedding in 2011. ‘I was fed up being a secret,’ she says angrily.
‘After the wedding I suffered because some socialites stopped inviting me to events if they thought the Prince and Princess would be there. They thought it would cause embarrassment. There is so much vicious gossip in Monaco. It is a beautiful place but also a small world. Too many are afraid of appearing disloyal to the Crown.
‘Once I was invited to a yacht party during the Grand Prix and some guests questioned why I was there. The guests said, “Prince Albert and Princess Charlene might sail into port and come on board for a drink. It would be awkward if she is here”.’
Since Nicole left Monaco last autumn and moved into a £7 million house in London’s Knightsbridge, she has carved out a new life for herself and Alexandre – and has added Grimaldi to her son’s surname.
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Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Nicole and Alexandre to be ostracized like that just because Albert doesn't want to take responsibility. What a wanker he is and I wish Alexandre and Nicole the BEST. Had that rag-tag prince been honest with his new wife then everyone can be happy.

Anonymous said...

What did you really expect? I mean Really?? You were crazy to even think he was going to co parent the child. Just raise your son to be the best he can be and move on. One day he will have to reckon with that young man, and KARMA will raise his ugly head and deal with it. If he's supporting the child financially, move on, Okay?

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Why is this tragic negress bend wench suprised, getting involved with these inbred asshole and their joke of a "monarchy" is hilarious. the new wife was clearly repulsed by him, I'm surprised she having kids by his lame ass, those are going to be lab rat babies for sure. something about him just always seemed off. that whole family is cursed now she stepped into that fucked up ass bloodline and cursed her kids too, I can't imagine her ancestors cosigning that fuckery smh.

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