Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prince Williams Flies Coach

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, spotted seated in coach on a flight from Memphis to Dallas.

Topping the skinny this morning Prince William. His Blood may be blue but he's apparently a regular guy. The future King was spotted on an American Airlines flight from Memphis sitting in coach along with the commoners.
The Prince was in Memphis for a friend's wedding.
Queen Elizabeth reportedly had asked all Royals to pay for their own travel and personal trips and avoid displays of extravagance.
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Anonymous said...

This is total BS. They fly privately due to security issues. When the Queen used to travel back in the 40s-50s, she had a plane for her clothes only!! The peasants pay for the extravagant lives of the monarchy. Always has, always will.

Anonymous said...

Nope the story is true. They mixed with the tourist when they visit Graceland and they ate at a restaurant off Beale Street. If the media didn't make a fuss about them attending a wedding of the granddaughter of Holiday Inn owner Kennon Wilson no one would have know who they were. They are down to earth people. I live in Memphis and works at the airport. This story is true.

Anonymous said...

The story is true but look how long is the flight. If the flight was 5 hrs or more I bet my ass he would've been in first class!

Anonymous said...

The flight was an hour and 20 minutes. The aircraft arrived into Dallas at terminal D where international flights depart from. It's normal arrival gate is domestic flights on A or C. He flew coach on the domestic side. He flew first class on the international leg.

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