Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rihanna Turns Down X-Factor Job

Simon Cowell's hopes dashed after Rihanna turns down his job offer to join the X-Factor's judges panel.

Rihanna has rejected an offer to be a judge on The X Factor, according to a newspaper report.
The singer was believed to have been Simon Cowell's first choice to join Cheryl Cole on this year's panel, but it is said bosses have realised they won't be able to get her to agree to a deal.
An insider told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "Rihanna was Simon's ultimate choice and was right at the top of ITV's hitlist.
"Having her on the panel next to Cheryl and Simon would have been a ratings-winning dream but everyone has accepted it's not going to happen now."
Jacked from The Mirror


Anonymous said...

why would rih judge x-factor????? she's at the top of her game....bein a reality show judge would only bring her down!! that's for ppl who are no longer relevant or never was relevant!!

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

All the drinking and smoking is starting to catch up to her, despite the expensive moisturizers she's starting to look dried out, might want to get that liver checked out, her biorhythms are way off some acupuncture and some ayurvedic herbs to balance her dosha and pitta would not hurt. her spirit is filthy and in need of detoxing.

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