Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scout Willis Stages Topless Protest Against Instagram

Bruce Willis' daughter Scout stages a topless protest after having her account suspended by Instagram for showing her breasts.

Scout Willis is taking a stand against Instagram's anti-nudie rules by staging an all-out nipple attack. Jezebel noticed that Willis—after having another photo removed for violating community guidelines—has not only spent the last few days drumming up a nipple-themed Twitterstorm, she walked around New York City yesterday topless in protest. She of course tweeted the pics, since Twitter is apparently still pro-nipple, with the captions "Legal in NYC but not on @instagram" and "What @instagram won't let you see #FreeTheNipple."
Jezebel also points out that before her Instagram went the same way as Rihanna's, Willis changed her handle to "Scout (Areola) Willis." Genius.
Willis also went as far as to change her Twitter photo to an image of Rihanna (topless, naturally) on the cover of Lui magazine, and has been reweeting a whole lot of things someone by the handle of @freethenipple has been posting.
Though the whole thing is a bit out there, we can get behind some of what Willis is saying. Instagram has been taking its rather prudish guidelines very seriously recently—notably with the ban of a woman who posted a photo of herself breastfeeding. Really, what's so wrong with a little nipple? #FreeTheNipple.
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The King Of The Real said...

them tittays aint gonna help the fact you look like you got hit with a brick

Anonymous said...

Who the hell wants to see this dogface's titties?? Instagram was just trying to shield the public from tori spelling 2.0!

Anonymous said...

She has no choice but to show her boobs. Nobody can stand to look at that hideous face.

Anonymous said...

*smh* her parents have all that money, and NONE of it can buy her a better-looking face. "tori spelling 2.0", indeed, as @6:17 pm said. *smh again*

Anonymous said...

Demi and Bruce made some fuggly kids

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