Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Solange Attacks Kim Kardashian's Bff

The same evening Solange Knowles attacked Jay Z she also verbally assaulted Kim Kardashian bff Rachel Roy.

All parties have kept tight lipped after video emerged of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in a lift as her sister Beyonce watched.
But information is slowly trickling out about the younger Knowles sister's mood on the night of her lift rage attack. According to US weekly, singer and songwriter Solange was in a 'vicious mood' and was seen 'yelling' at Kim Kardashian's pal Rachel Roy.
The glossy claims that Solange shouted at Rachel, who accompanied her to the Met Gala in 2012, and other guests at the afterparty at The Standard Hotel.
Beyonce then was forced to break up the row, it has been claimed, although the magazine has no idea where the argument stemmed from.
Fashion designer Rachel is considered to be one of Kim closest confidantes.
As we all ask #WhatJayZsaidtoSolange - the stars themselves remain tight lipped over the brawl that left Beyonce stupified and Jay Z picking up a purse.
Jacked from The Mirror  


Anonymous said...

I thought Lala was Kim's BFF. Shit, I can't keep up with all the "BFFs" Kim and her sisters go through!

Anonymous said...

Now if Jay would have straight f----ed her lil skinny ass up he would be wrong as two left feet.

Anonymous said...

I co-sign with you 9:39 AM

Anonymous said...

They are trying to make Solange the crazy girl but I think differently, this is what they do when those nasty white/ethnic(anything but Black) bitches start shit and are disrespectful to Black women especially when it comes to Black womens' husbands/men etc. They think Black women aint shit and our men don't want us so these women (Kims, Rachel etc) feel entitled to our men and will be disrespectful right in the face of the Black women. Solange was protecting her sister that night with whatever went down thats why she waited until they got in the elevator to call Jay Z on it!! I don't blame her, I am sick of these bitches that think they are better than our Black women and these fool ass men don't even know how to distance themselves and not get caught up with these types of racist ass women. These racists ass women would not give these Black men the time of day if they did not have money! Rachel Roy left Damon Dash the minute his money was gone! These women hate Blacks (men, women, children etc.), better look at Sterling the Clippers' owner to know what I'm talking about!!

Anonymous said...

i dont beleve it has anyting to do with rachel or bey for some reason it may be what people want us to believe since we were not there.they also said they were at a jewlery shop and thats not true.we saw the video it looked like she was mad at him over him doing he wrong

Anonymous said...

I do believe Jay was caught flirting or cheating, no sister is going to wild out like that for something else. This is why Jay too is taking responsibility for what he has done (according to statement). They have to make nice or fans will not go to their concert in the summer.. its all PR and their fans are so dumb for eating it up

Anonymous said...

@2:06: I feel ya, but:
1. They ain't "our" men. My man wouldn't be so weak and dumb and I am sure yours would not be either.

2. Black men are trying to create a new race. Let God deal with them, and He will.

3. As far as white women, just ask them how they get the makeup between the wrinkles.

4. Solange put herself in a bad light. She can't control Jay's diseased dick if her sister cannot. Her sister knew what she was getting into.

Now, if sis wanna leave and he prevents that, then okay, but this made Solange look like an out-of-control drunken hood rat.

Blacktainment said...

I think its deeper than just protecting Beyonce. Solange rage and hate, came from something deep within. I think there's a bit of jealousy there and her reaction shows that. There's no reason to become that mad over someone else's relationship, even if its your sister. You don't hit on another woman's man for no reason. If you protecting your sister then you express yourself to her and convince them to leave, resorting to wailing on your sister's husband shows jealousy, envy and hate. The old saying goes, misery loves company. Most of us had people who were jealous of our past or present relationships and wanted to break us up. When someone see they can't break you up and you try to keep them close, this is how they explode . . . getting physical, because they hate that they can't stop you. Solange is CRAZY and WACK for that. She should never put her hands on someone. No need to get physical, especially when its not your man. Jay wasn't hitting on Beyonce, he wasn't even aggressive with Solange. And even if he did hit her, you hit him to get him off your sister and get the hec outta dodge, you don't get on the same elevator as the abuser then continually attack and show hatred. It's a jealousy thing trust me. It's going to take a while before that family gets over that. They might look cool in public, but trust me Jay don't want no parts of that girl. She showed her true colors.

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