Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brielle Biermann Dating Chase Chrisley?

It's a match made in reality TV heaven. Kim Zoliciak's daughter Brielle and Todd Chrisley's son Chase flirting up a storm on social media.

We should have known Brielle Biermann was friendly with Chase Chrisley. The TV teens are similar ages, hail from the same Atlanta area, and, frankly, they’re both super cute. Plus, their shows — Don’t Be Tardy and Chrisley Knows Best, respectively — air on sister networks Bravo and USA. But when we saw their interactions on Twitter recently, it got us to thinking… are they simply friends or is there more there?
Kim Zolciak’s 17-year-old daughter is quite active on social media, never shying away from sharing her every whim and fancy with her impressive 122K followers. Brielle likely got every one of those followers’ tongues wagging this with the following exchange.
“Why does chase chrisley care so much about what I think of him,” Brielle writes teasingly. Not long after, Chase himself responds back, “@BrielleZolciak that's why I follow you.”
Now, this is likely just a little friendly teasing between pals, but that didn’t stop fans from posing their own theories, with one going as far as to write, “@BrielleZolciak and @ChrisleyChase could be the next royal celeb couple.” Ha!
And this isn’t the first time the two reality stars have interacted on Twitter. Back in January, Chaselamented the hardships of internet trolls saying, “Anybody can talk bad behind a computer. No matter who you are when you succeed people will always try to tear you down. #staytrue.” To that, Brielle replied, “@ChrisleyChase u know I'm here to help u.” Aww!
Even if these two are just reality pals, we still love seeing the stars from our fav shows interacting — small world!
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