Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brittny Gastineau Abusive Relationship Exposed

The nature of the relationship between Kim Kardashian bff Britnny Gastineau and the street artist who attacked her in a West Hollywood hotel exposed.

Hey Nik, so it looks like Brittny Gastineau played with fire with her latest victim. Street Artist, Retna, has recently blown up and is selling his art for $$$$$$$$ to celebrities and art collectors world wide. Brittny saw the new money dollar signs and jumped at the chance to be in bed with this street thug with newfound money. Next time she should do a little research on what screwing over a hoodlum can result in. Now she is claiming they were “just friends” and his lawyer stated SHE attacked him. Just find an old sugar daddy who won’t beat you and set your wonk eye straight, Brittny.
Jacked from The Dirty  

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