Monday, June 23, 2014

Chris Martin and Rihanna Concerned for Jay Z

Rihanna and Chris Martin held crisis talks to figure out how to help Jay Z through his Solange Knowles elevator scandal.

Rihanna and Chris Martin are reportedly concerned about their mutual friend Jay Z.
The rumour mill went into over drive last week when photos of the pair dining together surfaced, prompting many to wonder if the meal was a romantic one.
But sources close to the musical duo say that in actual fact, Chris and Rihanna met up for crisis talks regarding Jay.
"Rihanna and Chris met up for dinner because they are worried about Jay. Apparently he hasn't been in touch lately, ever since his marriage problems surfaced," an insider divulged to British magazine Grazia.
Since footage was leaked of Solange Knowles, younger sister of Jay's wife Beyoncé, attacking Jay in an elevator, the power couple have had to face continuous questions about the state of their marriage.
Rihanna, 26, collaborated with Chris on her 2012 smash hit Princess of China, though they're not known to share a particularly close friendship, so photos of the pair raised eyebrows.
But the source explains the two music stars hatched a plan to offer their support to Jay, who's had a rough time of it lately.
"Jay is such a big part of both of their lives, and they want to know that they are there for him. Especially given what Chris has been going through. He seems keen to offer any help her can," the source added.
Chris has also had a tough time in love recently, after it was announced he had "consciously uncoupled" from wife Gwyneth Paltrow earlier this year.
Reports of affairs and a love child continue to surround Jay and Beyoncé, but the pair are putting on a united front.
They tied the knot in 2008 and are proud parents to two-year old Blue Ivy. Beyoncé shared a series of cute snaps of Jay and Blue over the weekend to celebrate Father's Day.
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Anonymous said...

I call this crap. And how is what happened on the elevator a scandal? They were professional when they emerged from the elevator and the footage didn't break for a week. Families have issues. People too damn nosey.

Anonymous said...

I agree, had some thirsty ass security guard not filmed that elevator scene none of us would have known about it. So how is it a scandal?

Camel and Yak have a business relationship and I doubt they talk about the cracks in their "marriage" in any meaningful way.

Anonymous said...

I see you Dame

Anonymous said...

We all know he's a cheater...she's a idiot...rihoe is a hoe...and people listen to their music anyway. NO ME....but stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

haha this is bullshit

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