Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Drake Disses Rihanna at Summer Jam

Drake danced on stage to Chris Brown's Loyal while Rihanna sat front row at Summer Jam.
Rihanna had quite the experience at Summer Jam on June 1. As if it wasn’t awkward enough seeing Drake singing on stage with his ‘love,’ Nicki Minaj, she then had to see her ex dancing around to Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’ — are you following this love square?
It was shocking that Rihanna would go to Summer Jam when her ex-boyfriend Drake was there as Nicki Minaj‘s surprise guest. But he totally dissed her by staying on stage for a performance by Lil Wayne of “Loyal,” a song he’s featured on with Chris Brown. The song definitely disses women, as the chorus is “these h-es ain’t loyal.” So was Drake directing that at Rihanna by staying on stage?
After Nicki brought out Drake as her surprise guest, she jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around him! Probably not exactly what Rihanna wanted to see while sitting in the front row. However, after Drake and Nicki’s PDA, Wayne came out — and performed “Loyal.”
It was definitely an odd choice since Wayne has hundreds of songs, and this is one he’s just featured on. So, they played Chris Brown singing the chorus while Drake danced around with Nicki and Wayne!
Jacked from Hollywood Life  


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Rihanna gave two fucks about all of this and laughed at the silly girls on stage

Anonymous said...

Rihanna is an insecure slut puppy who probably snorted coke off of a tear-stained mirror that night.

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