Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fred Goldman Claims Robert Kardashian Hide Evidence in the OJ Simpson Case

The father of Ronald Goldman, who was slain with Nicole Brown-Simpson 20 years ago, accuses Robert Kardashian of hiding evidence that would have convicted OJ Simpson.
EXCLUSIVE - ‘Robert Kardashian hid evidence that would have nailed OJ Simpson for the murder of Nicole and my son’: Fred Goldman makes sensational claim on 20th anniversary of slayings
• Fred Goldman, 73, tells MailOnline that Robert Kardashian, OJ's confidant and member of his legal 'Dream
Team' was at the footballer's home the night his beloved son Ron and Nicole Brown-Simpson were slain
• The father of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, who died in 2003, carried a suitcase with what Goldman believes was evidence that would have convicted Simpson of the killings.
• The whereabouts of that evidence is a mystery
• To this day, Goldman refuses to refer to OJ Simpson by name. He called him 'the killer'
• Goldman and his daughter Kim sent OJ a card when he was incarcerated in Las Vegas for kidnapping, robbery and assault, saying: 'We hope you enjoy your new home'
• Goldman believes Simpson was raped by a fellow prisoner
Jacked from The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

This is not far fetched but the verdict was accurate. There was reasonable doubt

Anonymous said...

Ask the real coroner, whom preformed the autopsy what really happened. If you go back and look at the trial right when J C came on board, Nicole was on the phone with her mother while OJ was a plane that was up in the air. Defense asked that this piece of evidence be excluded. What the Goldman family doesn't want to admit; their son was a heavy, heavy drug abuser, he was federal informant and was in to some heavy hitters for a whole lot bread. It's sad that people think Nicole was the target. It was never about her.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! This is typical Jewish behavior, this is about Goldman wanting that 30 million!! Nothing more nothing less. OJ just happens to be the family's meal ticket to wealth and they can't get that money!! The man is 73 years old and still focusing on that money and OJ. We all know OJ did not do it and Goldman is just another racists mad cause he can't get that money!!

Anonymous said...

@2:05pm. where can we get info on that? that report is crucial

Anonymous said...

He needs to blame the prosecution. They loused up that trial.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:00AM ~ Take it with a grain of salt ~ Here's the Forum


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

Fuck that greedy bastard fred goldman, oj did not kill that cokewhore not did he kill golman's dope runner son, yes oj used to beat the breaks off that hoe, but his ass did not murder her and its fucked up they made sure both lawyers died of cancer. oj should have listened to Johnny and went and sat his ass down somewhere after he won that verdict but no. fuck all involved and RIP to both deceased lawyers who were truly great in their field.

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