Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow Giving Beyonce Divorce Advice?

Gwyneth Paltrow giving Beyonce advice on how to consciously uncouple from husband Jay Z.

Looks like Beyoncé has turned to one of her besties Gwyneth Paltrow for help during this difficult time in her marriage.
Reports are claiming that the two friends are going on a spa retreat for a few days to get away from the drama of Hollywood and to enjoy some quite time before Bey embarks on her summer tour with husband Jay Z.
The news of their girls getaway, comes on the heels of rumors circling that the two were headed for the big "D," yup divorce. It is being speculated that Mrs. Carter is looking for help from the actress to guide her through what to do next in regards to her marriage, whether that is how to win Jay Z back or how to call it quits. Paltrow has recently split from long-time husband, Chris Martin, so it would make sense that Beyoncé would be looking for some advice.
According to, a source has claimed that Beyoncé is very close to calling it quits on her marriage, and she's asking Paltrow to coach her through it.
Her relationship issues aren't the only things on the singers mind these days; she also has to deal with major damage that has been done to her public image. With all the controversies, including the Solange and Jay Z fight, and Jay's cheating allegations, Queen Bey has to deal with her now damaged public reputation.
Beyoncé, has always tried to tightly control the press that has been released about her, whether it was having unflattering pictures removed from the internet, or not allowing negative stories to be written about her. It seems that what the "Drunk in Love" singer is most upset about is that she is embarrassed by the media circus that has recently been surrounding her.
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Anonymous said...

gwennie ??? bad choice just ask kelis for instructions things will be better that way

Anonymous said...

Of course she is giving advice on how Bey should divorce Jay so she can smash him free and clear. Wasn't it rumored they were having an affair behind Chris and Bey's back? Eww...nasty folks all sharing the same fluids.

zeedee said...

Yea,so she can get him..why bey ain't asking her mom ain't she uncoupled?

Anonymous said...

This story is bullshit. Beyodel doesn't have any real friends.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce don't listen to this foolish lady

Anonymous said...

Totally BS - Beyonce will listen to her family when all is said and done because they have her best interest @ heart. She should leave him to do the tour himself and get on with her life with Blue.

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