Thursday, June 26, 2014

Justin Bieber Fans Upset Over Selena Gomez Reunion

Justin Bieber start an ignore Justin movement after the pop star reunites with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Some Beliebers are not happy with Justin Bieber due to his renewed romance with Selena Gomez.
A contingent of fans started an “#ignorejustinproject” trend on Twitter on Sunday night, vowing to boycott the singer online.
One person, apparently feeling neglected, tweeted, “if justin can ignore us bc of Selena we can ignore him.”
Another called the performer “rude” for seemingly being less interactive lately and allegedly ignoring those who helped him rise to fame.
Of course, many more Beliebers also pointed out the ridiculousness of such a project, correctly noting that Bieber often goes above and beyond for his fans — and that they should want him to be happy.
Some pointed out that such anti-Bieber behavior is “immature,” “ignorant,” and “hurtful,” with one fan questioning how other can suddenly ignores “their idol,” “someone they [are] suppsosed[d] to love.”
“Leave this fanbase if you actually want to do this. What the hell is this. This is so mean,” wrote another loyal follower.
The “#ignorejustinproject” is now being countered by the “#supportjustinproject” and “ilovejustinproject.”
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Anonymous said...

Ughhhhh he's using her to help clean up his image as of late and she's being paid to act like his girlfriend. They're both attention whores. She's so stupid.....he basically degraded her in public, but she allows herself to be seen with him again. The industry is so fucked up.

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