Monday, June 30, 2014

Kendra Wilkerson and Hank Baskett Dead Broke

Kendra Wilkerson and Hank Baskett are dead broke and headed for divorce.

Their reality show is called Kendra on Top, but Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s actual reality isn’t so rosy: They’re dead broke, and their marriage is on the brink of a breakdown!
Friends say the couple has been pinching pennies, with Kendra, 29, couponing and looking for cheap entertainment for the kids. She’s even recycling clothes, stuffing 1-month-old Alijah into hand-me- downs from big brother Hank Jr.!
“She’s dressing her daughter like a boy, just so she doesn’t have to buy anything new,” according to a source, who says their money troubles are not surprising. In her book, Being Kendra, the former Playboy model admits to lacking financial savvy, writing, “I still… get notices [from companies] saying I owe money. They’re probably right. I really don’t know what I spend my money on.”
Apparently, her bad habits continued long after she left the Playboy Mansion. While Kendra once had a net worth of $6 million, and ex- football player Hank, 31, was worth about $6.5 million, that cash is long gone. “Kendra and Hank spend it as fast as they get it,” says the source.
Their only income now is from the show, which just got picked up by WE tv for a third season. Hank has been out of a job since he washed out of the NFL in 2011. He was part-owner of a sports training center, but the sinking business could end up costing the couple—investors in the gym are suing Hank and his partner. What’s worse, Kendra’s agonizing over whispers that Hank cheated. “They have fought about his wandering eye,” says the source.
“Kendra’s a nervous wreck right now.”
Jacked from OK Magazine


Niyabinghi Warrior said...

*Eye roll*

Anonymous said...

She's a relatively young, blonde White woman; she'll have no problem finding a new sponsor. I'm sure there's a dirty rich old White dude or another Black athlete who'll support her, if not wife her up.

Anonymous said...

A white man won't have her with those mixed kids. She can never go back. Hence, the old saying 'Once you go black you never go back'The best she can do is find some dumb negroe male to lick, suck and fuck for cash.

Anonymous said...

Actually her kids are more white than black because Hank is a half-breed. I don't think she's totally X'ed out of the white community yet.

Anonymous said...

Hef will save this ho for a price. Get ready to work at the ho house again Kendra

Anonymous said...

teach her ass about trusting a brother and a gay brother at that that is where the problem came in at he was gay all the time watch they start coming out in droves on Hanky panky

Anonymous said...

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zeeedeee said...

I wouldn't put it past Kendra to be on that shit again..she ain't exempt

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