Monday, June 16, 2014

Lea Michele Dating a Gigolo?

Glee star Lea Michele's new boyfriend rumored to have been a gigolo.

Lea Michele has been keeping her new romance with Matthew Paetz under wraps, according to US reports.
So it won't bode well for their rumoured blossoming relationship after he was alleged to be working for an escort service.
His alleged profile appears on the site with a sexy black and white shot of muscular Matthew, going by the name "Christian".
The profile reportedly describes him as 6ft 3in tall, aged 29 with brown hair and blue eyes.
According to the escort site, which has now taken down the page, the man's services were on offer for $350 an hour or a cool $6000 for the weekend.
The news is likely to upset Lea, who has been quietly dating Matthew for the last few months after meeting on the set of her music video On My Way.
Jacked from Mirror  


Anonymous said...

get that D girl.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Lea Michele is unknowingly paying him very well!!

Anonymous said...

Why do people get so bent out of shape when adults willingly choose to support themselves by being an adult entertainer at least they are being self sufficient instead being on welfare all their lives.

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