Thursday, June 26, 2014

Madonna Chooses Zendaya as the face of Material Girl

Madonnna and her daughter Lola choose Disney star Zendaya as the new face of their Material Girl clothing line.

Just after accepting a starring role Lifetime’s upcoming Aaliyah biopic — despite a barrage of backlashfrom Baby Girl’s diehard fans — Zendaya has just become the new new face of Material Girl.
The Macy’s clothing line, designed by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, features fun fresh looks for teens including printed leggings, bomber jackets and colorful dresses. Z will represent their Fall 2014 campaign.
The Disney star was beside herself with excitement, taking to her blog to express her sentiments.
“I can’t believe that Madonna and Lola chose me!! (wait, that means they know who I am!!)”

Jacked from MTV News  


Anonymous said...

but who wears this though??? and i bet hagdonna will try to fuck her and if zendaloo or whoever turns her down she'll get dropped.

Anonymous said...

overpriced and whack

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I'm not gonna hate. I think she is cute and talented. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

^ this is zendaya's whack ass.

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