Friday, June 13, 2014

Marc Anthony Ordered to Shell Out More Child Support

Marc Anthony ordered to pay ex-wife Dayanara Torres $26,000 a month after bitter child support battle.
Marc Anthony has settled his court battle with ex-wife Dayanara Torres after he was ordered to pay $26,000 -a-month in child support fees.
The I Need To Know hitmaker’s long battle legal came to an end on Thursday when a Los Angeles County court judge ruled that he must provide support for his two sons, Christian Anthony Muniz and Ryan Anthony Muniz, according to E! News.
Former Miss Universe Torres had been fighting for an increase in her monthly payments after claiming his salary had jumped dramatically since they settled their divorce and custody issues in 2004.
In addition to Torres’ child support requests, she also asked for an estimated $4,000 to $7,000 in order to pay for a nanny and housekeeper.
Anthony also pays his third ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, $18,000-a-month for their twins Max and Emme.
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