Monday, June 2, 2014

Michelle Rodriguez Returns Painting of Cara Delevingne

Safe to say this romance is over. Actress Michelle Rodriguez returns expensive portrait commissioned of her lover Cara Delevingne.

Michelle had commissioned the pop art portrait from street artist Bambi Graffiti, whose other clients include Rihanna and Brad Pitt, for a five-figure sum.
There’s nothing worse after a break-up than being left with old things that remind you of the ex – but most of us don’t have ¬expensive original portraits staring at us from the wall to worry about.
Cara Delevingne’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez was apparently so miffed at being left with a picture of the supermodel she shipped it back to the artist’s agent – attaching a note saying the artwork was “no longer required”. So that’s pretty clear then!
Michelle had commissioned the pop art portrait of Cara from street artist Bambi Graffiti, whose other A-list clients include Rihanna, Brad Pitt and Robbie Williams, for a five-figure sum.
Bambi’s portrait of the Queen as a young girl was auctioned at Christie’s by David Dimbleby, and Kate Moss has a portrait hanging in her Highgate home.
The canvas bought by Michelle is a monochrome outline of Cara’s face, with her piercing blue eyes and red lips highlighted in bold colours.
Bambi’s manager and agent Lenny Villa has confirmed the return of the item – joking that he suspects a “lover’s tiff” may have played a part.
He said: “No complaints were received. Just a note saying ‘no longer required’. Nobody ever sends back a Bambi. I’m baffled, but I’ll sell it again. People are queuing up to buy her work.”
Cara, 21, and Avatar actress Michelle, 35, were first spotted kissing at a basketball game in February and had been almost inseparable.
But whispers were rife in fashion and showbiz circles over the last few weeks that their relationship could have fallen off track after a string of rows.
They have been regularly seen apart – both were in Cannes last week for the film festival but were spotted at separate parties and events.
The pair were expected to attend the second part of Cara’s sister Poppy’s wedding this week, but pictures later emerged showing Michelle had decided to stay in France. She had also been an absentee at the ceremony in West London a week earlier.
On Friday the pair are both said to have been at London’s most fashionable new restaurant Chiltern Firehouse, but arrived and left separately.
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