Monday, June 30, 2014

Nicki Minaj Takes a Dig at Iggy Azalea

Nicki Minaj fires shots at Iggy Azalea in her acceptance speech for the BET Awards Best Female Rap Artist.
Oh, snap!
Nicki Minaj made a crazy acceptance speech at the BET Awards as she was collecting her prize for Best Female Hip-Hop artist.
In a bizarre rant the rap superstar revealed she "dying" last week but was too afraid to call an ambulance in case it leaked online.
During the speech Nicki also throws some serious shade over her rap rival Iggy Azalea while plugging her upcoming album.
She said: “My point is, what I want the world to know about is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it."
The diva then brought her fingers up to her lips and implied she wasn't going to say any more.
The crowd gasped and guffawed in equal measure as the super Bass singer posed and rocked her curves on the stage. She then added without convincing anyone: “No, no, no…no shade.”
It's thought Nicki was making a dig at Iggy who is rumoured to write little of her own material despite being one of the most successful hip-hop artists around.
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Anonymous said...

Sticki Garbaj and Icky ISmellYa are one in the same, so it's comical for Garbaj to get in her feelings about ISmellYa.

That long ass, winded speech was some BULLSHIT because Garbaj along with NUMEROUS female and male rappers have had people write shit for them. I know this clown isn't the only one listed in the credits, so she can FOH with that.

TI is just following in bell-pepper nose Usher's footsteps and finding a white person to exploit. The main purchasers of music (aka white people) will feel safe with Icky ISmellYa because she's relateable to lily white surburbia.

Niyabinghi Warrior said...

I am loving Nicki's new look. that blond rainbow bright fuckery was the pits. I don't watch those award shows, but Nicki winning was the right choice, although there is no competition for her to go up against. its stands to reason while most of Nicki's lyrics were infantile, childish and outright fuckery, some of her rap was actually good and at least when you hear her rapping, that is actually her voice. not some studio rapper and some wack ass impersonator doing Mini Vanilli mimicry. the music industry today sucks, and the majority being put before the public are manufactured "talent" with over produced "songs" I can't even listen to the shit played on the radio because of the manufactured falseness, I just turn the radio to the classics station or old school hip hop. now that Nicki has dumped that blow up doll foolery maybe now she can showcase her real talent, she does actually have some talent but allowed the industry to turn her into a ridiculous gimmick.

nba is fixed said...

Uncle Ruckus said, "Nicki Minaj looks like a cross between Planet Of The Apes and Bozo the clown!"

Anonymous said...

Iggy is essentially a tall, blonde, Australian version of Kreayshawn(remember her? If you don't, trust me, you didn't miss anything). I don't know whether to laugh or cry that there are people who actually think this chick can rap. Then again, those are the same folks who call anyone with a top 10 hit and an Instagram account "iconic", so there ya go.

Not a fan of Nicki's music, but I must admit, I'm loving her toned-down look--I think it's reminiscent of her mixtape days. Shame she allowed TPTB to turn her into an oversexed, multiple-personality disorder having, cartoon character in exchange for dollars and mainstream fame.

Anonymous said...

@6:10 PPM
I see what you did there, with the top 10 hit and instagram account shaded the hell out of Rihanna lol

zeeedeee said...

^^^me too and it was funny!..anyway Nicki can talk cause Nicki CAN glad she took all that stupid shit off to cause truth be told she never needed it..she's the best female emcee we had in for Iggy pop..Bye!!!

Anonymous said...

Iggy Azalea best female rapper? Macklemore best male rapper? Robin Thicke Best R&B artist?

First of all, you segregate black people to our own category so they cant win the most important awards like song of the year, etc. Now, we cant even win in the segregated categories you forced us into!!

sick, sick, just wont stop will ya?

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