Saturday, June 28, 2014

Prince Collaborating with Rita Ora

Rita Ora headed to the studio with Prince.

R&B superstar Prince has recruited British pop singer Rita Ora to record an unlikely rap song for his next album.
The Purple Rain hitmaker recently invited Minnesota Star Tribune reporter Jon Bream to a late night listening session at his Paisley Parkhome in Minneapolis, where he treated the journalist to samples of tracks he has been working on for his first solo album since 2009's LotusFlow3r.
Bream gave readers an insight into the tunes in an article posted on Monday (23Jun14), describing the Ora collaboration as a "rare rap song on which the music was as aggressive and menacing as the rapping".
During the visit, Prince, who is signed to Warner Music Group, also shared his frustration with the process of releasing an album through the traditional label system, lamenting, "Everynumber one song, every Top 10 song, every song in the Top 40 is at least six months old. We should be able to make music and put it out now."
The title and release date for the album remain unknown, but Prince suggested fans may be treated to an early release of the Ora single sooner rather than later because he claims with her, "Time is money ".
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Anonymous said...

now he will pour chocolate milk all over Rita Ora or was that Morris


ThatBKChick said...

I know Beyonce will be mad as hell. Rumor has it before Gayz, Prince had his paws ready to snatch her. I am sure Rita Ora and her sleezy past will be getting her panties soaked by the Ol Purple Prince....LMAO @ Prince still pimping these hoes!

Sunni said...

Rita is wack and The Great Prince can not save her. I finally heard one song after 3 yrs and it was like dog shit when it turns white.

Anonymous said...

Sunni you seem to know a lot about shit and that's fine, but this is a music post. Keep your shit to yourself don't spread it. This is not an "I can't believe is not butter" commercial. Lay off the shit Sunni lay off the shit! Look what it's doin to you.

zeeedeee said...

I love prince so no matter who he does music with imma give it a try..even Rita ora

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